To Our Valued Advertisers:

Why Direct Mail?

Our Direct Mail publications target a defined group of potential customers. It allows you to talk to your prospect with a persuasive, personalized sales message.

  • Direct mail is flexible and allows you to change your message depending on consumer needs and attitudes.
  • Direct mail is efficient and enables you to hone in on the best prospects.
  • Direct mail generates awareness to the consumer that you are there. Not all residents buy a newspaper, but we saturate the area around your store. Newspapers do not.

When you agree to advertising in a specific number of issues, we reserve the ad space for you. Each issue has a designated number of pages, and we do not want to oversell or under sell the space.

Discount advertising rates are available for multiple issues, as certain production costs will be less.

Adhering to our advertising schedule will be expected. Ads work with frequency and consistency. They build store traffic and impulse buying.

We build readership that builds customers. Advertising develops an ongoing relationship that will lead to a lifetime customer. You can’t exist if you do not advertise every week or month. Our Direct Mail will help you to reach the right prospects for you.

Repetition Builds Reputation:

Our publication has been mailed monthly to our loyal readers since 1996. We offer the most complete restaurant guide in the area, including coupons. Our advertisers include extensive health and medical choices for seniors and younger families. Our publications also feature interior and exterior home improvement services, as well as fashion and beauty services and businesses. Our advertisers discount coupons are worth hundreds of dollars.

The World Belongs to its Advertisers…

NJ Newspaper Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: No, You are only committed to one advertisement at a time (cancel when you please)

Q: Is there any charge for creating or designing my ad?
A: NO!, we will use your ad or create a beautiful one for you

Q: Is there an extra charge for color?
A: NO!, Black/White, or color same price

Q: Do you mail the book or drop them at stores?
A: We mail monthly via the USPS (United States Post Office)  and we also drop them at high traffic locations

Q: What are your advertising prices?
A: Send us your contact information and we will respond asap.

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  • Please let us know more about your business so we can better serve you.


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